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State Department for Roads

State Department for Roads
  • National roads development policy
  • Development, standardization and maintenance of roads
  • Mechanical and transport services
  • Enforcement of axle load control
  • Materials testing and advice on usage
  • Maintenance of security roads
  • Protection of road reserves
  • Registration of Engineers
  • Registration of road contractors
  • Development and maintenance of Air Strips
  • Kenya Institute of Technology
  • Kenya Roads Board, (Kenya Roads Board Act, 1999 & 2007)
  • Kenya National Highways Authority,(Kenya Roads Act, 2007)
  • Kenya Urban Roads Authority, (Kenya Roads Act, 2007)
  • Kenya Rural Roads Authority
  • Kenya Institute of Highways and Building Technology
  • Engineers Registration Board of Kenya

The Division of Materials, Testing and Research has a role to play in ensuring a well MTRD Logo rehabilitated and expanded infrastructure in the country. The Division is mainly charged with the responsibility of testing and researching on materials used in the road construction and building industry to ensure quality. 

The State Department of Roads continues to invest significantly to address quality and secure construction of infrastructure and road safety in an economical approach. Read more..

The Mechanical and Transport Division (MTD) is responsible for provision, MTD Logomaintenance and renewal of mechanical transport and Plant services. The Division is also responsible for standardization for vehicles, plant and equipment as well as an adviser to the Government on issues related to mechanical and automotive engineering. Read more..

Kenya Institute Of Highways & Building Technology was originally established as a KIHBT Logotraining division within the Public Works department in May 1948. The purpose was to carter for skills improvement which had become necessary in the country. The training areas included Roads Road Foremen, Water Foremen, Inspectors and Survey Assistants

The institute is now a major skill improvement training centre, well staffed and with an annual trainee turn over of more than three thousand

The mandate has now been revised to include training for the infrastucture sector and client countries from the sub-Saharan region

The Roads Division carries out Monitoring and Evaluation of all ongoing road works project undertaken by the Road Authorities. The Division is also responsible for reviewing and updating manuals, standards and specifications to be in line with changing road construction technology in the road sector and is therefore the custodian of manuals and standard specification for roads and bridges. The Division avails them for use in the development of road infrastructure under the purview of Road Authorities and Agencies as well as County Governments. Read more..

The Quality Assurance Division was initially established as the Road Works Inspectorate (RWI) in 1997 to fulfil a World Bank conditionality in the Development Credit Agreement for funding the reconstruction and strengthening of the Nairobi-Mombasa Road. The Division was established to introduce a system of information flow, quality assurance and quality control.  Read more..