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Background of SDT

About SDoT


The State Department for Transport (SDoT) is one of the two functional State Departments under the Ministry of Roads and Transport. The Executive Order No.1 of 2023 on Organization of the Government of the Republic of Kenya outlines the functions of the SDoT as below:-

  • Transport Policy Management;
  • Rail Transport and Infrastructure Management;
  • Fast Tracking Identified Northern and LAPPSET Transport Corridor Projects;
  • Oversight and Co-ordination of Northern Corridor Transport and Lamu South Sudan Ethiopia Transit (LAPSSET) Programmes Implementation;
  • Civil Aviation Management and Training;
  • Registration and Insurance of Motor Vehicles;
  • Motor Vehicles Inspection;
  • National Transport Safety;
  • National Road Safety Management;
  • National Roads Transport Policy;
  • Axle Load Control Policy and Standards;
  • Development and Maintenance of Air Strips; and
  • Oversee the establishment an integrated, efficient, effective and sustainable Urban Public Transport system within the Nairobi Metropolitan Area. 
Picture depicting different modes of transport.