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CS Murkomen NTSA Inspection Centre in Likoni

This afternoon the Cabinet Secretary for Roads and Transport did an impromptu visit of NTSA Inspection Centre in Likoni Road and the Headquarters in Upper Hill.

"It is disheartening to see Kenyans inconvenienced, suffer, and even lose job opportunities due to lack of driving licences caused by artificial delays in processing and issuance of Driving Licences" the CS said.He further,noted  that over 50,000 Driving Licence applications,some dating back to September 2022, are yet to be processed.

He gave them two weeks to clear the backlog and notify Kenyans of their nearest collection points, and put in place the necessary mechanisms to speed up the turn around time for processing and issuance of DLs, logbooks and digital number plates.

The Cabinet Secretary reminded them that the Government was elected on the platform of uplifting the lives of its Citizens from the bottom to the top and ensuring Kenyans get better services and he will therefore spare no effort in dismantling existing cartels who are perpetuating corruption in these institutions.